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Teradata Users:
Presicient has discontinued development and support for Teradata-related products. If you have an interest in TdRedux, DBD::Teradata,TeraForge, or another Teradata solution,
  December 26, 2008:
    Presicient is pleased to announce the first alpha release of Plotjax, a rich interactive charting solution for modern web browsers.
  December 26, 2008:
    The DBD::Teradata 12.001 Perl DBI driver is now available, providing
  • encrypted logons for Teradata V2R5.1.X through TW12
  • support for BIGINT and large precision DECIMAL
  • numerous performance and reliability enhancements
Note:Version 12.001 is Presicient's final major release of DBD::Teradata, and is now available as open source under the GPL 2.0 license.
  August 28, 2006:
    Presicient has updated the Perl modules for the PSiCHE scalable application framework initiative:

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